What a wonderful and refreshingly unique concept for a children’s book!  “I Just Love You” conveys a strong message of unconditional love with its series of beautiful pictures and simple story telling that children, parents and grandparents can easily relate to.  The accompanying CD contains a beautifully produced song that further reinforces the book’s message.  The fact that you can personalize this book with your own photos and ‘lyrics’ makes it all the more endearing.  My children just love looking through this book – especially once their pictures were in it.  And make sure you crank up the volume when you play the CD as it’s a guaranteed dance party!   This book would make a beautiful keepsake for your own home library and I highly recommend purchasing an additional copy or two as ‘Baby Shower’ or ‘Welcome Baby’ gifts.

Katrina Paz-David


From the title to the personalized cover, I love this amazing book and song that was created for both adults AND kids to enjoy as an ongoing and living keepsake!  It’s not just a book and a song, but a treasure of experiences that helps create affirmations, fun, life lessons, intimacy, and captures memories in such a varied and unique way. This is a book and song that is not only entertaining but one that reminds each of us an important lesson that stresses the power of love in the midst of REAL LIFE trials. I love the fill in the blank option to help make things light that could otherwise be heavy. It’s a book that’s bound to make you giggle and be grateful for special time together and captures experiences that will be ongoing and endless. I also love that it’s a unique tool that showcases real life, and challenges that actually create character. I see it as an incentive to gets kids and adults interacting, by dancing, singing, doing scrapbooking, etc. I also love that kids get to see themselves in a book rather than digitally and believe it has more of an impact in this personal way.  It’s a treasured celebration of love and time together! Congratulations Juliann!  You and your team have created a remarkable gift of LOVE!  Now all of us can Fill In The Blanks in a special, meaningful way…

Rita Davenport


This book is exactly what we have been looking for!  It provides an incredible opportunity to engage authentically with the family during bedtime routine.  We love books with a valuable message!  The lesson that we love our family in good times and in bad is an important reminder for adults and children!  As an educator and mom, I love that it has a positive message, brings families together, and encourages interactive family memory building and bonding. This book has it all – the singing, engaging pictures, and a highly important theme. It is a book the whole family can enjoy!  We especially love that we can make it personal for our family by adding our own pictures and verses to the song!  Exactly what every young family needs.

The Ragaisis Family

Ottawa, Ontario

I just love you is a special book.  Flipping through the pages you feel totally connected to the beautiful faces looking back at you and you can’t help but be moved by the realness of the unconditional love in each bond!  The song made me smile as I could totally relate to all of the words!  Such a powerful message for adults and children alike.  I look forward to sharing many special moments with my daughter reading this book and singing along to the beautiful song…I know she’ll want to get right up and dance every time she hears it!

Laura Murphy


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